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Founded on the desire to help individuals and families who are seeking answers. However, these answers may only be found through our experience and willingness to try a unique approach.

Meet Al Gohl: Founder, Lead Investigator and Audio Research Tech: 

 I have been interested in the Paranormal research since my father passed away.  Since that time I have had successful results in numerous investigations.  It seems that the spirits are drawn to me during our  EVP sessions.  I try to help relay their messages that  they may be trying to get across to loved ones and find peace for their families.

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      We are dedicated, experienced, and passionate individuals who respect our clients, our field of service, their property, and adhere to our clients confidentiality.

      We respect our clients wishes and all of our investigations and any evidence we obtain are strictly confidential. We will obtain written permission from the client to promote or disclose our findings. 

      We are a non-profit Paranormal Team all investigations will be provided for no charge.

We do accept donations 
to further our investigations to help in the purchase of the most up to date technology to help current and future clients. 

Our Services:

            We investigate Homes, Businesses, and Historical site as well as any interior, or exterior locations. we are here to help. All investigations are conducted in a professional and private manner. Your privacy is our policy.

* Founder &  Investigator: 

Randy  Duncan

* Founder & Lead Investigator:

              Al Gohl                    


Our Services:

                Prior to each investigation, we interview the client during the research process to determine what kind of paranormal phenomena is taking place. We also look into the history of the building and the land where the paranormal activity is taking place to see if there is any relevant history, such as a death, that may contribute to the phenomenon. During an investigation, we collect data, document various types of paranormal phenomena through the use of a variety of instruments included but not limited to: digital audio recorders, digital cameras, infrared video cameras, digital thermometers, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors and other specialized equipment utilized in the field of paranormal research. Grand Strand Paranormal Investigations strives to authenticate all evidence, and we take a scientific approach to our investigations. Next, as a team, we analyze what has been captured and ensure its validity, otherwise, it is debunked. Lastly, we report and review our findings solely with our client. We do not use Ouija boards, seances, or other forms of summoning in order to research the paranormal. We cannot perform exorcisms. Again, we respect our clients' right to privacy. Everything is strictly confidential unless we receive written permission to use it elsewhere.

Atalaya Castle

Abeautiful place to go and see the past and wonder what kind of life style it was back in those days. But wait some of the past still haunts these walls with tails to tell. listen to some of the EVP's we have captured on our recorders a must visit location to have a history lesson told by the men and women of those eras!!

These are E.V.P.'s that were taken from an investigation that Al did at a local Historical place in Murrells Inlet, SC. Listen closely as he asked questions but the Spirit talking says a totally different thing not pertaining to the question at all. 

Atalaya Castle, Located in Huntington Beach State Park. Owned By: Archer and Anne Huntington

            Archer Huntington, son of transportation magnate Collis P. Huntington, and Anna Hyatt Huntington, noted sculptor, purchased Brookgreen and three adjoining plantations in January of 1930 as a site for a winter home and as a setting for Mrs. Huntington's sculpture. Construction of the house began the following winter. The home was named Atalaya, a Spanish term for watchtower. Archer Huntington, a noted authority on Spanish culture, designed the house after the Moorish architecture of the Spanish Mediterranean coast.
Construction of Atalaya began in 1931, apparently without detailed written plans. Work on the building was not continuous, but divided between it and Brookgreen Gardens over a 2 1/2 to 3 year period. Mr. Huntington, wanting to provide work opportunities for community residents during the Great Depression, insisted that local labor be utilized in its construction.
The outer walls of the building form a square, 200 feet on each side, with the east side facing the ocean. Within the walled structure there is a large open inner court with a small entry court at the rear.

 Myrtle Beach Herald recognizes two local men for there gift in seeking answers from the unrested souls here on the GrandStrand

                        Grand Strand Paranormal Investigations begins their first                             

 Unsolved Murder Case

On November 1st 2013 Al and I decide to try and help find Amber Berbiglias murderer and so we took a chance and visited the site were Amber was found and started our first Paranormal Investigations on a unsolved murder case. Amber soon after the recorders were turned on started talking to us. 

Here is the Shrine that was put together for a very Loved Amber Berbiglia who's life was taken in May of 2013. We have been working with Family, Friends, and Local Authorities trying to help piece together who took this young woman's life. Our prayers and condolences go out to her Family, and Friends. May we find her attacker and give her peace very soon.

These E.V.P's are from an ongoing murder case here in North Myrtle Beach, SC. We believe that we have a Description, Name, and even a Murder Weapon. We will continue to keep the Family and Friends of this Victim post.

Paranormal team hopes to solve murder case

Posted: Nov 23, 2013 8:27 PM EST Updated: Nov 23, 2013 8:38 PM EST By Stephanie Robusto

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Six months after her murder, two local men are stepping in, hoping to help solve the case of Amber Berbiglia's death.

"I have two daughters, one is 23, one is 27. When I first heard about this case, someone just dumping another human being like trash…just sounds like a monster," said Al Gohl as he surveyed the scene where the body of 23-year-old Amber Berbiglia was found.

She was last seen alive on May 3, her body later found beaten to death on Old Sanders Road under the Robert Edge Parkway overpass.

Hearing about Amber Berbiglia's murder really hit home for Gohl, a father of two. He wants to help her family find closure.

"If I were the parent of Amber, I would want to know that someone, if the police weren't trying, at least was doing something," agreed Gohl's friend, Randy Duncan.

By reading through WMBF News reports, Gohl and Duncan are putting together information and clues. They are trying to put together her murder in a different perspective than detectives working the case.

Earlier this month, the two watched WMBF News coverage, including the last voicemail Amber's mom got before her murder. They believe they recognized her voice, matching it to their own recordings of Amber's voice now, after death.

"We took a chance, wanted to see if she's still here, and she's still here," said Gohl.

Years ago the two became interested in paranormal investigations. They have gone to historically haunted areas to record EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon. This is the first time they have gone to an unsolved murder scene.

When first approaching WMBF News, the two did not want publicity. They were reaching out with information on the case, hoping to help detectives solve it.

"We're just trying to help and see if we get anything,"explained Duncan.

They explain their equipment flips through radio frequencies. The idea is it goes from channel to channel so quickly, it would be near impossible for a string of words to connect in a complete sentence by chance.

"We ask a question three times, with 20 seconds in between so it gives time to answer," said Duncan, going through a list of questions, trying to confirm what many think is impossible.

"But if you get the same answer 4 or 5 times, is that coincidence?" asked Gohl.

The men are compiling their findings, believing they have a description of Amber's attacker, even his name.

"It's a start. They don't have anything right now, why not check it out?" Gohl suggested.

If you have a tip, detectives urge you to contact the Horry County Police Department, or CrimeStoppers.

Copyright 2013 WMBF News. All rights reserved.

This is a Picture taken under Robert Edge Parkway where in this picture there were no "Orbs" Present.

This Picture was taken exactly right after the picture above and you can see multiple "Orbs" that appeared to be in this picture. We did not walk in this area prior to the taking of this photo so there was no debri that was stirred up. 

In this picture if you look close you can see a large "Orb" over the Chair on the right side taken the same night.


 GrandStrand Paranormal Investigations starts their Second investigation

A local girl missing, her car abandoned at Peach Tree Landing, were is Heather Elvis??

Grandstrand Paranormal Investigations has been working this case since 4 days after her disappearance. We continue to help searchers with possible locations of her whereabouts and other information. As soon as Heather is found we will post certain information we obtained during our Paranormal Investigations. Please check back periodically to see if more information has been provided.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - WMBF News is revealing new details about the search for missing 20-year old, Heather Elvis.  As we discovered, the exposure and response to this missing person's case has taken even the Horry County Police Department by surprise.   We've discovered social media may have cursed this investigation from the start.

Never before in Horry County has a single missing person's case generated as much attention as the case surrounding the disappearance of Heather Elvis.  Since Elvis went missing on December 17, the case has gained local, state and national media exposure, a Facebook account that has attracted more than 45,000 followers, a reward pot that seems to grow by the week, and people so moved by the family's plight, they've risked their own freedom to continue the search, even if it means bending or breaking the law. 

The image of Heather's face on billboards, posters, and fliers on thousands of storefronts are unavoidable from one end of the Grand Strand to the other, and nearly two months after Heather Elvis' disappearance, a simple call to supporters for another search or fundraiser, and hundreds still show up to collect donations and get the word out.

From the day Heather's car was discovered at Peachtree boat landing in Socastee, a starting point for a dozen organized searches was established.  Friends and family agreed to polygraphs, phone records were captured and catalogued, and the reward for information quickly swelled to $30,000 and growing.

"We were scared to death.  I still am," says Terry Elvis, Heather's father.

 Terry has stayed at the center of the effort to find his daughter. Desperation and frustration are just  motivators for this 53-year old father of three.

 "My heart tells me my daughter is alive," he says, when asked where he thinks Heather is today.   "I have to go on the assumption, and I have to go on the faith and hope that she's alive."

 But Terry Elvis fears the police investigation into Heather's disappearance may barely have a heartbeat. For the first time, he wants to share what he calls a fact sheet, showing why police need only look in one place.  Truth is, much of that information comes from the unauthorized release of facts from a police report.

"There's a lot of circumstantial evidence, but it all points in one direction," Terry insists.

Terry Elvis has his own prime suspect based on phone records from the original police report.  He confirmed what's in that report: months ago, Heather was romantically involved with a married man she met while working as a restaurant hostess. Terry says Heather's roommate told him it ended more than a month ago. Yet, according to witness statements to police and those same phone records, there were several calls back and forth between Heather and the married man the morning of Heather's disappearance. That same roommate told police Heather was talking to the man again, and that night, he called to tell her he was leaving his wife and wanted to be with her.

"A lot of information that's been withheld and probably withheld with very good reason, maybe for the first week (of the investigation).  Maybe the first two weeks.  But not now," Terry Elvis says.

Terry wants this information out there, believing it could encourage more tips, more witnesses, and finally a solid suspect.  Horry County detectives have another take.

With all that circumstantial evidence, many Elvis supporters are asking , who needs detectives?  Horry County Police insist they need solid, physical evidence to build a case. And no one is talking about physical evidence, not here at Peachtree landing, not anywhere in this case.  The only other option is perhaps having someone admit to committing a crime.  That's not happening either.

One man has been the focus of the social media barrage in this case so far.  We wanted to give that  man a chance to defend himself.  David Klugh met the man at his front door, and this is how the conversation went:

"David Klugh with WMBF News.  How are you?" 

 Grandstrand Paranormal Investigations starts on their third investigation

This incident happened a little to close to home! Brooke Navoy was found in her apartment shot to death with no answers.

 Police released new details in the investigation into the death of a Surfside Beach woman who was found shot in her home on 15th Avenue South two weeks ago.

Brooke G Navoy, 39, was found dead with a single gunshot wound to her chest after a 46-year-old man, whose relationship to Navoy was not identified, called 911 about 7:23 a.m. April 16.

The man pointed police upstairs where they found Navoy lying in the hallway between two bedrooms, the incident report said. There was blood on the floor near her body and on the back collar of her shirt. Police also found blood spots on the bed in the master bedroom.

Inside a different bedroom, police found a 14-year-old girl sitting on the bed. When asked what she was doing, she replied, “She never woke me up for school,” according to the report.

The girl said she had fallen asleep about 11 p.m. the night before. Half an hour later, the man who called police said he had left for work and did not return until about 7:15 the morning Navoy was found.

Navoy’s death is still considered suspicious, said Surfside Police Chief Rodney Keziah. He said investigators won’t know if her death was a homicide until results return from the forensic evidence that was sent to the State Law Enforcement Division for testing.

Police have spoken with 17 about Navoy according to the report, but none of them have been identified as suspects.

Read more here:

  Grandstrand Paranormal starts on their fourth investigation.

We decided to take our investigation skills on the road and to help out a community struggling to get answers about who Ambushed a Bardstown, Kentucky Police Officer who Tragically lost his life on May 23rd 2013. He left behind a wife, and two young children. 

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nelson County Coroner Field Houghlin tells WDRB Jason Ellis, the Bardstown police officer killed early Saturday morning, was shot multiple times with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The coroner says Ellis was on exit ramp 34 off Bluegrass Parkway and the subject(s) was up on top of the hill shooting down on him.

When asked if he thought Ellis was ambushed, Houghlin said: "I would say that is definitely what happened."

Kentucky State Police is handling the investigation.

"It wasn't a traffic crash, it wasn't a suicide or anything like that, it was a homicide. Someone took this officer's life," Trooper Norman Chaffins told WDRB.

The shooting happened just before 3 Saturday morning.

"His vehicle was parked on the exit ramp with his blue lights on in a manner to prevent traffic, indicating that something was ahead, " said Chief Rick McCubbin of Bardstown PD.

33 year-old Jason Ellis was found on the ground outside his car, shot multiple times.

Shell casings from a 12-gauge shotgun were found at the scene.

Officer Ellis' weapon was still in his holster.

"Two vehicles had stopped behind him and I think basically after they sat there a few minutes and saw no action, the curiosity got them, they got out to see what was going on and that's when they found Officer Ellis on the side of the road," said McCubbin.

Officials believe Ellis was on his way home from work when he stopped for unknown reasons on exit 34.

"He received no call to that area and did not call out to our dispatch center that he was out on a violator, a subject or anything," said McCubbin.

A motorcade escorted Ellis' body to a funeral home Saturday where fellow officers and loved ones gathered.

"As you can imagine, a very sad day for us. This is the first officer in the history of the Bardstown Police Department to be shot and killed in the line of duty," McCubbin told media.

They say Ellis was a huge asset to the force. He was their only K-9 officer.

"It's basically a large family here and a lot of these officers have worked together many years so as you can imagine, they're very close. They know each other well, they know each other's families, each other's children so it's a very devastating hit," said McCubbin.

"I can assure you we won't give up on this person until we either have them in custody or on the front side of one of our weapons and I personally hope the latter is the choice," he continued.

Ellis was a seven year veteran of the Bardstown Police Department. Ellis leaves behind his wife, Amy; sons Parker (6) and Hunter (7); two sisters; his mother and step-father. 

It's still not clear if Ellis was a random shooting victim or targeted. KSP will continue to investigate.

Copyright 2013 WDRB News.  All rights reserved.  

 Grandstrand Paranormal Investigations starts on their Fith Investigation.

We decided while in Bardstown, Kentucky we would do an E.V.P. Investigation on a Double Homicide Case. Mother Kathy and Daughter Samantha Netherland had been brutally murdered in their home. Bardstown Police are looking for any answers to help solve this horrible case.

 BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police say a mother and daughter found dead in their Nelson County home Tuesday were murdered.

Kathy Netherland, 48, and her 16-year-old daughter were found dead inside their home in the Botland community of Bardstown on Tuesday.

The cause of death has not been released.

"Why is it Kathy and Samantha, because they never hurt no one--never bothered no one," said Kathy's aunt Barbara Donahue. "They lived a very private life."

Donahue says her niece was dedicated to her faith and was active in her church. 

She said the mother and daughter were found by Kathy's father Tuesday morning, after Kathy didn't show up for work. She believes the murders are random, and that the suspect didn't know either of the victims.

"I'm sure they didn't have enemies," said Donahue. "They were too good of people. How can you have enemies when you live in this church?"As a special education teacher at Bardstown Elementary for the past seven years, Netherland leaves behind not only family but plenty of students.

"She had a real heart for those children and those children had a real heart for her," said Bardstown City Schools Superintendent Brent Holsclaw.

Holsclaw says with the death of not only a teacher but a student, the district has been dealt a heavy blow. Kathy's daughter, whom family identifies as Samantha, was a Sophomore at Bardstown High School.

The district has brought in grief counselors from two outside organizations to supplement the support given by permanent school counselors. Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team and Communicare are both contracted by the district to help students and staff.

"You always try and prepare for these type of things," said Holsclaw. "You try and put these things together, think about what could happen and prepare for the worst, but you never can prepare for this," he said.

Holsclaw says they started reaching out to staff and students shortly after the bodies were found Tuesday morning.

"We're going to have them here as long as we need them here," said Holsclaw. "As we begin to return to some normalcy they'll probably be here less, but they'll be on-call until the need goes away."

Donahue says she last saw Kathy and Samantha on Easter, only a few days before the murders. Samantha, she says, was preparing for prom when her life was cut short.

"She was going to go to the prom this weekend. Had her dress, shoes, earrings, everything laid out to go, and now this has all come to an end."

And with so many unknowns in this death investigation, family is asking the people of Nelson County for help.

"Please help us find who did it," Donahue pleaded. "We don't know nothing. We need to know who did this so we can stop it."

Family says Kathy was an active member of Parkway Baptist Church. The lead pastor at the church, Dr. James Carroll, told WDRB in a written statement that Kathy will be sorely missed:

"Obviously, we are heartbroken by this tragedy and we are concentrating on ministering to this family and many in our church family who are close to them. Kathy was a woman of sincere faith in Jesus Christ and selfless love for others. She worked tirelessly with children in our community in obedience to Jesus' command to serve the least of these."

Investigators searched the home on U.S. 150, also known as Springfield Road, around 4 p.m. Tuesday to collect evidence.

Kentucky State Police are now looking for anyone with surveillance video in the Botland community to help search for suspects.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact KSP Post 4 at 270-766-5078.

As far as funeral arrangements, family tells WDRB that a viewing will be held Sunday from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. The funeral will be held Monday from 8:30 until 11 a.m. Both events will be held at Parkway Baptist Church on Springfield Road in Bardstown, Ky.

Copyright 2014 WDRB News. All rights reserved.

 The Brentwood

A local Restaurant in Little River, SC that has a gorgeous, romantic setting with exquisite dining with a touch of the paranormal as a side dish.

This is a local restaurant located in Little River, That has been officially documented as being Haunted!!

This picture was taken at a local place of business located in Little River, SC. If you look closely you can see an "Orb" on top of the chair by the window. 

This picture was taken at the same place, if you look closely in the top left corner you can see what appears to be an "Orb". This place of business has been know for dark shadow figure, and a great amount of paranormal activity. More to follow in the future.